Steadyrack’s two major design features that set us apart are:

The Supporting Arms
These are designed so that users can easily roll their bikes in and out of the Steadyrack. When the arms are open, they create two cradling points for the front tyre to rest in. Bikes fit snugly into the supporting arms, virtually removing any risk of bikes falling over or falling out and the racks fold closed when not in use.

Rotating or Pivoting Arms
Being able to pivot the racks, almost 180 degrees from side to side, combined with the bespoke supporting arm design, allows for much greater location flexibility and maximised space saving, more than any other bike parking product. Bikes can be securely locked to our racks using conventional chain or D type locks.

There are two unique features, that when combined, no one else can boast about their racks:

The Benefits and Features

Steadyrack continues to be a disruptor in the bike parking and bike storage space.  Our design is so unique that it’s required all of us to change the way that we think about using vertical racks. We’ve been so conditioned to lifting, that when we see a wall mounted rack or vertical storage solution, it’s an automatic response. Cyclists and homeowners around the world now understand the unique values and benefits of storing their bikes in a Steadyrack and have become our defenders, advocates and evangelists.

We have sold 100s of thousand of racks since 2009 and have never had a rack returned because a customer was disappointed with their purchase. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of postive reviews from customers all around the globe

Steadyrack has designed a unique bike storage solution that protects your bike, saves space and is highly engineered with a patented design, made from high quality products. Below are some of the benefits associated with all of the Steadyrack bike racks. Although these are not all unique to us, no other product on the market can boast all of these benefits combined in one bike storage solution.


Stylish contemporary design
Snug Fit
Wide variety of uses and applications
Robust and built to last
Safe to use
Universal Fit
Protects your bike
Load and unload bikes at any angle
One Brand Total Solution
No Spokes, No Problem - Suitable for all types of wheels, including those with carbon rims.
Suitable for commercial
Bike never touches wall
Extended Warranty