Make Life Easier with Steadyrack’s Bike Holder for Your Wall

Got a bike but nothing to hold it? Well, you’re in the right spot!

Steadyrack Bike Holders make storing your bike a breeze. Our bicycle holders require no lifting to store your bike, and only ever touch the tire (never any part of your bike), meaning it’s always safely protected when stored in a Steadyrack. Other bike holders on the market hold bicycles by the rim, spokes, or frame. However, holding a bike’s weight on these points could damage your bike, leading to costly, unwanted repairs.

When designing our Steadyrack bike holders, we saw an opportunity to create bike storage that protected bicycles and was easy to use. Where others failed, or didn’t think through the problems cyclists have, we succeeded. Steadyrack bicycle holders keep bikes safe and can be used by anyone, old or young, no matter their physical ability. We reckon our Steadyrack bike holder design is pretty grouse (Aussie slang for great
😉), so we wanted to share it with the world.

With a range of bicycle holders for mountain bikes, road bikes, eBikes, aero and time trial bikes, and fat bikes you’re sure to find a vertical bike holder to suit your needs. If you have multiple bikes, Steadyrack is definitely the best solution for you. With the ability to pivot your bike 160-degrees left and right in our bike holders, you can fit multiple bikes in a small space or your garage area, by pivoting them each to one side, and creating even more room for more bikes!

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