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Steadyrack Manuals

Steadyrack Installation

We recommend you measure each of your bikes and mount the racks accordingly using our installation instructions below or by watching our installation video. This will ensure they are easy to use for any of the bike owners.

It is possible to mount your racks at the same height where your bikes are a similar length. For example if your bikes vary between 100-150mm or 4 -6 inches in length you can mount them all at the same height so they will look neater on the wall. Just work to the longest bike when setting your mounting heights.

Check all your bikes first and you may need to group them together based on their length.  Place all your road bikes at one height and all your MB’s a another.


Bike Parking Guides

These guides have been created to assist in the space planning for commercial environments where the facility owners are not certain of the exact type and size of bikes to be parked. The information provided is based on our past experience and we are assuming that longer bikes will be utilised which means some shorter bikes will be higher off the ground than necessary. This will not impact greatly on the user experience and allows for a uniform mounting height despite the variety of different size bikes typically found in these facilities.

Steadyrack Classic Fact Sheet
Steadyrack Fender Rack Fact Sheet-v2
Steadyrack Fender Rack Fact Sheet
Steadyrack Fat Rack Fact Sheet
Spacing Guides and Mounting Heights
Bike Parking Brochure


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