Why Do Steadyracks Cost More Than a Basic Utility Hook?

We often receive comments, some nicer than others, regarding the price of our bike racks, particularly when compared to less expensive alternatives, like a simple hook from the hardware store.

The “alternatives” that many refer to may be available at a lower price point, but they are not an equal bike parking solution to a Steadyrack. Each of our four racks (Classic, Mountain Bike, Fender and Fat) are a highly engineered with a patented design, made from high quality products. They are more expensive to make due to the many individual components, the assembly process and there are several “mouths to feed” before they reach our customers - which also adds to the cost (otherwise we would be selling them for a lower price).

Having said this, we believe that our racks represent even more value than any kind of hooks because our bike racks:

  • Offer a stylish and contemporary design
  • Are easy-to-install
  • Offer a Snug Fit – Designed so that the front wheel sits snugly in the two cradling points which means your bikes won’t fall out easily and significantly reduces the risk of dislodging bikes accidentally.
  • Folds away when not in use.
  • Are robust and built to last - made with high quality steel components and plastics which will last a very long time when properly maintained, which equals great value.
  • Are safe to use - no juggling your bike in the air, it won’t easily dislodge, bikes won’t swing around like they do on a hook and cause injury or damage to people, cars or adjacent bikes from accidental contact. If someone bumps into the bikes walking past the racks, the pivoting arms will move and will absorb the impact.
  • Protects your bike – the only contact with the rack when its loaded is the front tire, uses the tire like a cushion to support the bike weight. Wont damage wheels or rims or the bike.
  • Allow for loading and unload bikes at any angle you can take bikes in and out of racks alongside cars, etc . There’s no need to move cars out or unload other bikes to get your bike out of the racks.
  • Lockable - lock your bikes into a Steadyrack easily using conventional locks that are readily available in the market.
  • Offer a universal fit - almost any bike can be hung in a Steadyrack, including e-bikes.
  • Offer a wide variety of uses and applications for Steadyrack–can be installed on any vertical surface anywhere, even trees.
  • Are suitable for commercial as well as domestic applications.

When you add it all up, if you keep your racks in working order, they will probably outlive all your current and future bikes. We hope that upon review, everyone can see the value in our racks.

If you are still not convinced, perhaps the hundreds of five-star reviews will help. Many of our customers also had to make the same decision as our commenters are faced with, comparing value for money.

But every single one is glad that they did and in fact, they are happy to advocate, celebrate and promote us.