This Bike Storage Trend Is A Real Game Changer

When it comes to DIY and home storage hacks, you've probably seen them all, but have you seen this latest trend circulating the cycling world? When we designed our vertical bike racks, the aim was to create an easy-to-use, space saving system that didn't cause damage to your bike. And so, the SteadyrackClassic Rack was born. We've seen them installed in garages, offices, storage sheds, bedrooms, cafes, retail stores, trailers and more, but we've never seen them like this...

Bike storage cabinets are every cycling enthusiast's must-have!

If you love your bike, then you'll love this. Bike storage cabinets are the latest and greatest trend taking cyclists by storm. The first design, created by Michael Thompson, uses a Steadyrack Classic Rack to pivot the bike in and out of the cabinet. Michael previously used a hook for his front wheel, however this required him to carefully lift his bike in and out and he's since upgraded to a more practical solution. In his design, he's also included plenty of shelving for his helmet, bidons, shoes, kit and more. The second design, which was created by Sam Phil, has a slightly different layout. On one side of the cabinet, his bike sits in our Classic Rack and on the other, (which is not entirely visible in this image) he has set up a virtual riding station.

Final thoughts

We're loving bike cabinets! Both of these designs offer a practical and aesthetic solution for bike storage at home. Despite the initial effort in planning, designing and assembling these cabinets, we think they're a great way for cycling enthusiasts to get the most out of their space. Have you created a bike cabinet using a Steadyrack vertical bike rack? Send your photos to