Father & Son Race Against Time Across The Australian Nullarbor

When Jack Thompson and his father, Brian, decided to ride 2,800km across the Australian Nullarbor, they knew it would be a challenge, but this didn't stop them. Jack and Brian (who is actually a Type 1 diabetic) set off on their long and arduous journey earlier in January and it's fair to say it's been an adventure at the least! Since their departure they've spent the past 2 weeks pedalling on Australia's hot tarmac in a race against time to make it to the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, South Australia.


Did They Make It?

Imagine riding against 40km an hour headwinds for 10 hours straight, after 13 long days of riding. This is exactly what this duo had to endure exactly 1 day before their arrival in Adelaide. Any regular Joe would have given up by now, but not these two. While they were en route to Kimba (a rural town in South Australia), they encountered a very interesting truck driver... and as Jack describes, he wasn't in a great mood that day...
"We had an interesting morning on the bike yesterday, which resulted in a heated discussion with a truck driver at a roadhouse who insisted we (as cyclists) should pay rego... He then went on to tell us that if a we got in his way on the road, he’d ‘mow us down...’ Nice bloke... Aside from this encounter, the trucks and traffic have been brilliant and not once have we felt unsafe on the roads."

We've been keeping tabs on their progress from the beginning, and since our last update, we're now pleased to report that Jack and his father have made it to Adelaide. They arrived just in time to see the first stage of the Santos Tour Down Under.


Where's Your Next Adventure?

Riding 2,800km across the Australian Nullarbor is certainly not a trip designed to suit everyone, but if you are looking to challenge yourself over the next year, Jack has some upcoming guided cycling adventures.