Wall Mount Bike Racks – Bike Rack For Wall Hanging

If you’ve been searching for a bike mount for your wall, Steadyrack’s range of wall mount bike racks have been designed to address and resolve every issue that can arise when fitting a bike rack for the wall.

Our product range of bike racks which can be easily mounted to the wall features four different designs (Classic Rack, Mountain Bike Rack (MTB), Fat Rack, Fender Rack or eBike Rack), all of which are simple to install, safe to use and never require any lifting.

Installing a Steadyrack bicycle mount for your wall will maximize your storage area by utilizing our patented 160-degree pivot feature, which will enable efficient storage and increase accessibility in tight spaces.

Whether you’re looking for a single wall mounted bike rack for storage purposes and to safely store your road bike in your apartment or balcony, multiple racks for shed or garage bike storage or more racks than you can count on two hands for commercial bike parking, at Steadyrack we’ve got the right bike rack just for you and your bike.

Which wall mount rack is right for my bicycle?

Our wall mounted bicycle racks are safe to use, easy to install, and don’t require any heavy lifting. More importantly, our unique 160-degree pivot feature allows for efficient storage and accessibility in tight spaces on walls.

Why a Steadyrack Bike Mount for Your Wall?

Free Up Space in Your Home – Hang your bike on the wall

With Steadyrack’s wall mount bike storage racks, you’ll be able to free up precious space in your home or garage. Bicycles are large items when they’re horizontal, making them difficult to store. Storing your bike with a wall mount can help solve this problem. Getting your bike off the floor not only protects your bike by giving it a safe, dedicated space to be stored by its wheels (instead of its rims or spokes), but Steadyrack’s wall mount bicycle racks also free up your floor space for lots of other activities - just imagine what you could do in a garage or shed which had extra floor space to utilize for the other activities you enjoy.

Safer Than Conventional Bike Wall Mounts

The trouble with conventional bike wall mounts is that once installed, your bike still protrudes from the wall, not to mention the potential damage that can occur if the bike is bumped. With conventional bike rack systems for the wall, you must physically pick up and lift your bike into the wall mount. This is a cumbersome activity and potentially dangerous if someone doesn’t have the amount of strength required to lift the bike up. With Steadyrack’s design, the process is safer - there’s no lifting required as you can manoeuvre the bike onto the back tire and then simply push the bike into the wall rack.

Steadyrack’s Unique 160-Degree Pivot

Typical wall hanging bicycle racks are static; once the bike is in the rack it can’t move. Steadyrack’s mounted bike rack’s pivot 160-degrees, which means you can push your bike as close to the wall as your handlebars and peddles allow.

This also means you can fit more bikes into the same space whilst maintaining easy access and ensuring the safety of yourself and the surrounding bikes on the wall.

Universal Fit

Almost any type of bike will fit in a Steadyrack. You’re sure to find one that will fit perfectly, with detailed information on how to choose the best rack for your bike. If you’ll be swapping the type of bike that is stored in a Steadyrack, opted for our Fat Rack or Mountain Bike Rack (MTB), as the wider arms will accommodate both large and small bikes, without compromising the space-saving and safety features.

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