Looking for A Floor Bike Rack Solution for Your Garage or Home? Go Vertical instead with a Steadyrack!

Unless you have a very large garage and have recently Marie Kondo’d your house – chances are you’re short on floor space. So, what do you do with all of your bikes? Sure, you could stack them one against the other along the wall – as long as you only need to get to the one at the front. Ok so that’s not very practical…what about a floor mounted bike rack? Something to keep each bike separate from the others, with easy access. Sounds pretty good right? Aside from the fact that it takes up half your garage. What if we told you that you could do away with taking up floor space all together?

Choose A Steadyrack Over a Bike Rack for Your Garage Floor

A Steadyrack gets your bike off the floor, and out of the way – easily. As your bike is off the floor, there’s more space for other garage-based essentials…like your car for instance. Not only does a Steadyrack free up space on the floor, but it also frees up wall space with its unique 160° pivot letting you fold the bike as close to the wall as possible. You can store multiple bikes close together and pivot them from side to side to easily select your bike of choice. How’s that for space saving?

Our customers are always upgrading their floor mounted bike racks to a set of Steadyrack bike racks and sharing the results with us. Creating more floor space for storage, and instantly decluttering their space in the process.



Our Steadyrack Bike Racks Are Easy to Use – No Heavy Lifting Required!

Worried about popping a vertebra when lifting your bike into a vertical bike rack? We feel you. There’s nothing to worry about with a Steadyrack, simply roll your bike into the rack and let the rack do the heavy lifting for you. There’s no risk of stubbed toes with a Steadyrack, unlike a floor mounted bike rack – there’s nothing to walk into! Where a floor mounted bike rack is clunky and heavy, with or without bikes in it – a Steadyrack is stylish and compact. No lifting and no stubbed toes? No brainer.

Don’t rely on the best floor bike rack for your garage or home. Shop our Steadyrack vertical bike racks online below and save much needed space!