Whether you’re an avid cyclist, just starting out or enjoy spinning the legs every once and a while, with Steadyrack, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bike is stored safely and securely.

There are two ways to find your bicycle wheel dimensions. The first is to look for a series of numbers such as “26” X 1.5″. This indicates that your wheel diameter is 26 inches and that your tyre width is 1.5 inches. From here you can then measure the gap between your down tube and yourtyre. These measurements will help you choose the most suitable vertical rack for your bike.

Although you can use the above method, we recommend manually measuring your bike with a tape measure (or similar) as there can be discrepancies – often these numbers don’t include the tyre tread.

PLEASE NOTE: For aero and time-trial bikes with a down tube and tyre gap of less than 10mm, the Steadyrack Fender Rack must be used.

Wheel Diameter

Your wheel diameter measurement is the distance between the two opposite sides of your wheel, and includes both the rim and tyre. Most bikes will have a wheel diameter between 20 – 29 inches, suitable for our Classic Rack or Fender Rack. However, for those bikes with a wheel diameter between 25 – 32 inches, we recommend selecting our Fat Rack.

Please Note: The Classic and Fender Racks will accommodate bikes that may fit in our Fat Rack with a wheel diameter between 25 – 29 inches. If your bike falls between this range, we recommend choosing the Classic or Fender Rack. For these racks, please double check that your tyre width is less than 2.4 inches or consider upgrading to the Fat Rack.

Wheel Diameter - Which Rack Is Right For Me

Tyre Width

Your tyre width can be found in inches on your wheel or measured manually. This measurement is crucial to determine whether your bike will securely hold in our Classic and Fender Racks, or whether you will need to upgrade to a Fat Rack. Our Classic and Fender Racks accommodate for bike tyre widths up to 2.4 inches, whereas our Fat Rack will hold bikes between 2.4 – 5 inches.

Please Note: Be sure to double check your tyre width with a manual measurement. There can be discrepancies between the number listed on your wheel and your manual measurement which includes the tyre tread.

Tyre Width - Which Rack Is Right For Me

Gap Between Down Tube & Tyre

This is the measurement of the gap between your bike’s down tube and the top of your tyre. For many bikes, this will be more than 10mm, however for Aero or Time Trial bikes, with a gap of 10mm or less, there may not be enough of a gap to ensure your frame does not touch the rack. In the case that this measurement is less than 10mm a Fender Rack must be used, as the rubber end will protect your frame from damage and the rack will easily fit between your frame and tyre.

Tip: If you would like the Classic Rack or Fat Rack, however the gap between your down tube and tyre is less than 10mm, you can install a block on the wall behind the bottom/rear bracket. This will lift your rear wheel and ensure that the rack doesn’t touch your frame.

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