There are unique features, that when combined, no one else can boast about their bike parking racks

The Benefits and Features

Steadyrack continues to be a disruptor in the bike parking and bike storage space.  Our design is so unique that it’s required all of us to change the way that we think about using vertical racks. We’ve been so conditioned to lifting, that when we see a wall mounted rack or vertical storage solution, it’s an automatic response. Cyclists and homeowners around the world now understand the unique values and benefits of storing their bikes in a Steadyrack and have become our defenders, advocates and evangelists.

We have sold 100s of thousand of racks since 2009 and have never had a rack returned because a customer was disappointed with their purchase. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of positive reviews from customers all around the globe

Steadyrack has designed a unique bike storage solution that protects your bike, saves space and is highly engineered with a patented design, made from high quality products. Below are some of the benefits associated with all of the Steadyrack bike racks. Although these are not all unique to us, no other product on the market can boast all of these benefits combined in one bike storage solution.


Easy to install

Even if you’re not super handy, Steadyracks are very easy to install.

Folds away when not in use

To further maximise your bike storage area, the arms fold up on themselves to create an unobtrusive profile.

Safe to use

No juggling the bike in the air, won’t easily dislodge, bikes won’t swing around like they do on a hook and cause injury or damage to people, cars or adjacent bikes from accidental contact. If someone bumps into the bikes walking past the racks the pivoting arms will move and will absorb the impact. Prevents damage or injury from accidental dislodging or swing around.

Future proof your storage and parking

Change your bike, no need to change your bike rack. If your bike has a front wheel,  one of our racks is sure to suit.

No spokes, no problem

Fits bikes with disc wheels.

Deep rims, no problem

Compatible with different rim depths and tyre sizes.

Snug fit that protects your bike

The only contact with the rack when its loaded is the front tyre, it uses the tyre like a cushion to support the bike weight. Wont damage wheels or rims or the bike.

Stylish and contemporary design

The highly engineered Steadyrack ticks the boxes for both form and function.

Universal fit

Almost any bike can be hung in a Steadyrack.

Park cars alongside Steadyrack

Load and unload bikes at any angle, you can take bikes in and out of racks alongside cars. No need to move cars out or unload other bikes to get your bike out of a Steadyrack.


Lock your bike into a Steadyrack easily, using conventional locks readily available in the market.

One brand, total solution

There’s no need to buy multiple brands.

Mudguard and fender compatible

The only rack available you can roll a bike with mudguards and fenders in and out of.

Fat tyre compatible

Roll a bike with up to 5-inch-wide fat tyres into a Steadyrack.

E-Bike compatible

E-Bikes, with or without fenders, can be rolled into our racks. It’s virtually impossible to hang a heavy E-Bike on any kind of hook.

Compatible with suspension forks

It’s recommended to use a vertical hanging rack for bikes with suspension forks to protect the seals in the forks.

Compatible with hydraulic brakes

OK to hang bikes with hydraulic brakes.

Hang bikes up to 35kgs

Accommodates most bikes up to 35kgs, including E-Bikes.

Engineered and built to last

Made with high quality steel and plastics components which will last a very long time when properly maintained.

Wide variety of uses and applications

Can be installed on any vertical surface anywhere, even trees.

Five-year extended warranty available

We stand by the quality of racks and now offer the option to extend the warranty from one to five years, for free.