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Fender Rack


Buy 4 or more Steadyracks and SAVE

Now you can safely and securely store your bike without the heavy lifting and maximise storage efficiency with our Steadyrack Fender Rack. Combining all the design benefits of our Classic Rack, including our unique 160 degrees pivot feature, our Fender Rack can also accommodate bikes with fenders or mudguards. Whether you’re in need of one or multiple Fender Racks, our guides make installation on almost any wall easy! To use our vertical bike racks, simply pull down the top arm, push your bike into the rack and pivot from side-to-side.

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Bike Storage for Fenders & Mud Guards

Frustrated with the current bike storage solutions available on the market, Steadyrack CEO David Steadman and his father-in-law, Ron, envisioned a rack that would meet the needs of every cyclist and bike owner across the globe; one that would save space, securely store bikes without damaging them, would be sturdy enough and easy to install, and most of all, wouldn’t require users to lift their bikes.

And so, the Steadyrack Classic Rack was born! Accommodating for a wide variety of bicycles with wheel diameters up to 29 inches, bike owners can now safely and securely store their bikes with ease. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for your family’s bikes, or for your own ‘family’ of bikes, the Steadyrack Classic Rack is the leading wall-mounted bike rack every home and cyclist must have.

Commercial Bike Storage & Parking

If you need 12 or more bike racks for your commercial project or office building, please contact our friendly team for a quote. Alternatively, you can find out more about our commercial bike storage and parking solutions here.

NO LIFT – Simply balance the bike on its rear wheel and push it into the rack – there’s no heavy lifting required.

BUILT TO LAST – Made from steel and UV treated plastic, our racks are strong and built to last, holding up to 35kg.

SAVES SPACE – Unlike bike stands, hooks or pulley systems, our racks have a unique 160-degree pivot feature.

SAFE & SECURE – Bikes fit snugly in the rack resting on the front tyre, avoiding the possibility of damaging the frame or rims.

EASY INSTALLATION – Instructions are easy to follow, making the installation of 1 – 1000 racks easy and simple.


2.4″ Maximum Tyre Width
20″ – 29″ Recommended Wheel Diameter (including tyre)
Bikes with Fenders
Bikes without Fenders

35kg Maximum recommended weight (tested up to 80kg)

Weight: 3.1kg
Dimensions: 12 X 12 X 72cm
Material: Steel and UV treated plastic

Fender Rack Manual

Fender Rack Fact Sheet - Screen Shot

Installation Guides

Installation Instructions - Screen Shot

What our customers are saying about Steadyrack

These racks are so awesome. I bought four of them for our road bikes. The kids can easily put them on and off. Installation was super easy. The ability to rotate the bike towards the wall allows them to be close together and still easily accessed. It really is a perfect solution to store the bikes. Everyone who comes over immediately makes a comment how wonderful they look and function. It blows away any other storage ideas out there. I am getting five more for the mountain bikes next.

Amazing Rack

We need to set up a system in our garage to organize 5 disparate bikes, road, mountain (29 and 27.5), 2 town bikes. It took a little trial and error to make sure each bike could fold against the wall without conflicting with the other bikes, but not a big deal. The result was incredible. Stored out of the way and completely easy to remove and replace bikes for riding. Really nice to just place the front wheel in the rack without lifting.

Craig Blockwick

I've got five bikes and tried various systems to organize and allow room in the garage. With out a doubt, Steady Rack is designed incredibly, best bike rack system on the market. A little pricey, but you truly get what you pay for and would not be making a mistake.


Installed the first one for my yeti sb6 and it works like a charm. If I could ask for one thing though, it’d be to design for more side to side available movement when resting the bike against the wall. This would maximize free space in my garage. Apart from that, this is a great product. Will definitley order more for our other bikes.




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