Why Every Cafe Needs Bike Parking Facilities For Cyclists

Cafe bike parking facilities are extremely useful for cyclists, but did you know that there are perks for business owners too? With more cyclists riding to their local cafes it's now essential to ensure that these popular spots have adequate bike parking facilities. Depending on where your cafe is located and your local government policies, this may be the responsibility of your council or something cafe owners will need to organise themselves.


What are the benefits of providing cafe bike parking?

There are so many reasons why a business owner should strongly consider installing bicycle racks at their cafe or restaurant. One of the first considerations you should think about is whether there are a lot of cyclists in your neighbourhood. Cyclists love their coffee and always need a good snack after (or even before) a ride which is a potential market you could tap into if you haven't already. There are many ways that installing cafe bike parking benefits both the business owner and cyclist including:
  1. As a cafe owner it gives cyclists an incentive to ride to your cafe/restaurant.
  2. For cyclists it provides a safer and easier place to store your bike.
  3. It reduces path obstructions and better organises large number of bikes.

Check out these cafe bike parking installations using Steadyrack's vertical bike racks.