Upgrading the MTB Man Cave with Ben Deakin

We don’t know about you, but we love a good garage renovation here at Steadyrack HQ. So, when MTB pro Ben Deakin reached out to us about a bike storage upgrade, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to kit his garage out.

Ben, aka the Deakinator, knows his way around a Mountain Bike. Since picking up the sport competitively at 15 he’s been all around the world showcasing his skills, meeting new people, and hurtling down hills at top speed.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know as much about good bike storage - hence the use of multiple cheap hooks. Ben wanted to be able to get to each bike quickly and easily, without damaging the others. Hooks mean heavy lifting, no movement between bikes and potential damage to frames and rims. That’s not how you want to treat your loved ones, Ben. Enter Steadyrack!

Upgrading the MTB Man Cave with Ben Deakin
Ben's previous set up


With the help of a set of Steadyracks, Ben was able to transform his very basic hook set up into a practical, safe, and easy bike storage solution.

Watch the transformation here:



Swapping out hooks for Steadyracks means no lifting, easy access to the bike he needs today, and no damage to his beloved collection of bikes. Too easy!

Upgrading the MTB Man Cave with Ben Deakin
That's looking better, Ben!


He’s stoked with the upgrade, and so are we!

If you’re ready to trade in your hooks, you can shop our range here.