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Commercial Bike Parking Solutions

Steadyrack’s innovative and patented designs have not only revolutionised personal bike storage, but it has also influenced and changed the way that people around the world park and store their bikes in commercial settings. Whether you’re a facility manager, interior architect, café owner or simply looking for a commercial bicycle parking solution for your project, at Steadyrack, we can assist you with creating the perfect bike parking system to suit your individual project needs.

We understand that every project must meet a different set of objectives, which is why we’ve created a range of commercial floor and vertically mounted racks and products designed especially for you.

Steadyrack Bike Parking Racks

Compared to other bike parking and storage options, our racks have the unique ability to make efficient use of your commercial space whilst allowing users to easily load and unload their bikes. What’s more, our Steadyrack bike racks can pivot almost 180 degrees, fold flat to the wall and protect your bike from damaging other bikes, cars and items in the vicinity, all without sacrificing functionality.

We can help with commercial installations, both indoor and outdoor.  If you’re looking for indoor solutions we have a range of vertical wall racks, floor racks and frames to choose from.

If your project requires outdoor parking solutions, we can assist with posts that accommodate up to eight bikes at once, trees that do the same, parking frames that adapt to all spaces and stainless steel version of our classic rack that is powder coated to fight rust and the elements.

To ensure that we can assist you and your project in the most effective way possible, we ask that you contact us for an accurate quote. Our team will provide you with an exclusive commercial incentive,  provided you meet our criteria.

Steadyrack Bike Parking Gallery


Preferred By Brands
Preferred By Brands

Bike Parking Guides

These guides have been created to assist in the space planning for commercial environments where the facility owners are not certain of the exact type and size of bikes to be parked. The information provided is based on our past experience and we are assuming that longer bikes will be utilised which means some shorter bikes will be higher off the ground than necessary. This will not impact greatly on the user experience and allows for a uniform mounting height despite the variety of different size bikes typically found in these facilities.

Bike Parking Brochure - Screen Shot
Bike Parking Brochure
Fender Rack Fact Sheet - Screen Shot
Steadyrack Fender Rack Fact Sheet
Fat Rack Fact Sheet - Screen Shot
Steadyrack Fat Rack Fact Sheet
Classic Rack Fact Sheet - Screen Shot
Steadyrack Classic Fact Sheet
Spacing Guides & Mounting Heights - Screen Shot
Spacing Guides and Mounting Heights

Get a Bike Parking Quote

Take your bike storage facilities to the next level. Contact us today.

Get a Bike Parking Quote

Take your bike storage facilities to the next level. Contact us today.
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